i want $23,000 and someone to kiss me

I want the $23,000, hold the kisses



why do people ask me about sex stuff honestly, i might as well be a virgin because i literally will be no help at all

Q: Do You Have Any Tips For Things That Guys Like In The Bedroom? xxx

well he’ll be the same as you, there will be some things that are great for him and other things, not so great. you can either ask him what he likes or you can do some trial and error and judge what he likes by the noises he makes!

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Q: Im Interested To Know Cause My Boyfriend Doesnt Give Me Them During Sex :| Was Hoping It Was A Common Thing lol xxx

it is a common thing, petal but that doesnt make it okay, you have to tell him what you like! what hes doing might feel good but there might be something that feels better and hes not gonna know that unless you tell him! believe me if hes your boyfriend, he’ll want to please you so he’ll listen to whatever you tell him but if talking about it isnt something youre comfortable with you could always just redirect his hands, hips etc. during :)

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I found this in my little sister’s notebook. Her crush, Drew, seems like quite the guy

Q: You are tho shh

i bet u say that to all the tumblr users 

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Q: sigh you're so pretty it's not fair

really, i’m not but thanks so much, youre a sweetheart :) 

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i needed to get it out of my system…